Lukey Resources

Lukey Resources helps organisations learn faster and work smarter. We provide key resources to engage people, tap their talents and align their energies.

Our strength lies in our national network of consultants, facilitators, coaches and speakers supported by our innovative learning resource centre in Christchurch.

A pioneer in the private training and development field, Lyall Lukey Resources Ltd was founded in 1987, trading under the brand Lukey Training Resources. The company’s SmartNet initiative started in 1997. As our network has grown and we’ve added new capabilities we’ve shortened the name to Lukey Resources.

2 Responses to Lukey Resources

  1. Cindy Carleton says:

    Hi Lyall,
    Just noticed the link on your blog for our Starship Foundation MObile Phone Appeal (I am the Comms Coordinator here at the Starship Foundation). Just wanted to thank you for helping us promote the appeal and wondered what your background is and how you found out about it?
    Many thanks
    Cindy Carleton

  2. Qpbdpafo says:

    Have you got a current driving licence? Pthc Lolita Top

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