Neda Soltan: a song tribute by Siavash Shams

June 28, 2009

“A beam of light…Even in tragedy comes hope.”

 The 40 second video clip, showing the shocking death of 20 year old Neda Soltan in Iran just a week ago , after she was shot in the chest  by a volunteer militiamen, has been viewed by tens of thousands. 

The regime tried to suggest that she was shot from behind by a protestor. Some Iranian government newspapers even outrageously suggested she was shot at the instigation of a now expelled BBC correspondent in search of some graphic footage.  

A close second to the speed in which the tragic last seconds of Neda’s young life were flashed around the world was the indecent haste with which the authorities arranged her burial to pre-empt a funeral rally. The live obsequies may have been curtailed, but the virtual wake is a wake up call which keeps repeating itself via various YouTube iterations.

For a little less graphic and more heartfelt tribute to  Neda Agha Soltan, with insights into the private and public lives of some young tech savvy Iranians,  the link below musically weaves private and public images of Neda and her friends, telling the story of her life and her tragic death. It also lifts the veil on young, middle class urban Teheran.

Loaded onto YouTube yesterday, Neda Soltan: a song tribute by Siavash Shams has only been viewed 358 times so far.  It deserves a much bigger audience.