PPTA—Back To Their Past…

“Back to their future…
              and to the only chance they’ll get at being 16. “     PPTA ad Press 31/1/11

[Back to your past…
          and to the last chance you’ll get at being a profession.]

 “The first week back at school.
It’s an exciting time for senior high school students. It’s a time when the world starts to appear larger and closer…a time of recognising what is possible…and a time to start seizing opportunities….”

[The first (or the second) week back at school.
 It’s an inciting time for senior PPTA stridents.  It’s a time when the real world (and the election) start to appear larger and closer…a time of recognising what is possible and a time for ceasing opportunism…]

 “Our teachers play a key role in steering students towards those opportunities, then giving them the grounding and confidence they need to take full advantage.
But teachers have returned to school wondering why so little confidence is being shown in them.”

[Your “union” leaders played a key role in steering  teachers by threatening “industrial action” before salary negotiations even started last year and then by co-ordinating petty, disruptive actions which took full advantage of students and parents.  No wonder secondary teachers have returned to school feeling that their negotiations were grounded before take off  while, starting later, the NZEI  piloted through its salaries claim in a brisk and professional manner.]

“Over the past few months, the government has made no attempt to enter into constructive dialogue over the secondary teachers’ claim.
This claim is as much about conditions like class sizes and recognising the importance of extra-curricular work-eg sports coaching and fostering artistic talent-as it is about pay”.

[You misread the auguries, overcooked your salary claim and overplayed your hand. After a healthy (and overdue) 12% catch up in the previous  three years 2010  wasn’t the time to push for another 4% and costly other concessions. In a recessionary environment it would have been smarter to have moderated the initial salary claim to  2-2.5% and pushed the conditions line as a trade-off].*

 “Teachers nurture the talents of our most precious resource-our kids. If we don’t get behind our teachers, what of the future of those kids, and the country? 
If you lose them at 16, you risk losing them forever”.

[Teachers nurture the talents of our most precious resource-our children- and deserve better than a bungled salary campaign which has turned into a PR disaster by alienating parents and employers with the disruption of rostering children home, in some cases close to exams. PPTA leaders need to stop focusing on the past and get in front of our teachers by showing some professional foresight.  It’s  time the association grew out of its own protracted organisational adolescence.
If you lose the support of parents and the wider community, as well as of present and past PPTA members, you risk losing them forever.]

       We stand for education”
        [With your backs to the future?]

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https://lukeytraining.wordpress.com/?s=Teachers+Pay-Thinking   May 2010
https://lukeytraining.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/secondary-symptoms-can-the-ppta-dinosaur-adapt/  Oct 2010

#Lyall Lukey 5 Feb 2011
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