Fake School for Scoundrels

It is reported from London that thousands of young Pakistanis exploited a hole in Britain’s immigration defences to enrol as students at a network of sham colleges. Many of the “students” came from the hotbed heartland of Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taleban. 

The ersatz Manchester College of Professional Studies had three small classrooms and three students for the up 1797 students on its books. Now that’s a highly productive teacher/student ratio. It charged NZ$2,600 for admission places and fake diplomas and falsified records to help often militant immigrant students stay on in Britain.

The three “headmasters”,  or rather headshysters, earned an estimated $NZ15.5 million from the scam. I’m all in favour of lifting the financial rewards for education professionals but that’s a little over the top.  

The  phantom college was removed from an official government register of education providers last year, though other fake schools have sprung up mushroom like  elsewhere. 

One wonders how they get on the official list in the first place. No doubt because education quality controls in Britain, as elsewhere, involve creating and pursuing paper trails which may bear no resemblance to reality but satisfy bureaucratic box- ticking behaviour whether the schools are bogus or not.

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